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Congratulations, Joshua and Fabricio!

From a SOLD sticker on a site map to “here are your keys” took only 179 days. While that is a big number, the days can seem to fly by. Once the hole in the ground is dug, I always recommend that my buyers stop by at least once a week. It’s amazing how much progress can happen in seven days. It’s also a great opportunity to make sure that your house is being built as contracted.

The site agent is always going to ask that you check in with them prior to going in the house – understandably for safety and insurance reasons. During one of their visits, Joshua and Fabricio noticed that the windows in the front gable didn’t look right. On one side of the window there were three trim boards, and the other side had five. If the window was centered, there should be four on each side. Once it was brought to the superintendent’s attention, it was quickly corrected. The unbalanced appearance, if not corrected, would have been a daily annoyance.

While you can always buy a new house without a Realtor®, you will stay ahead having me by your side throughout the whole process. As the guys will tell you, there are countless times when it’s important to have a seasoned professional providing guidance. Like I always tell my new home buyers, “you are paying retail and should expect that the house be built correctly.”

Are you thinking of buying? Be it new construction or a resale, give me a call or send an email so we can get you on the right path towards home ownership. You too will be surprised how quickly the time passes once the contract is signed and you hear the words, “here are your keys.”