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Dan Thiewes


When I started in real estate 27 years ago, I had no idea the roller coaster ride of a career I was about to embark on. From the early days of getting my feet wet in the industry to now being a seasoned real estate professional, I have learned invaluable lessons in the art of buying and selling homes that people want and love to live in. I maintain to this day that my success lies not in the number of homes bought/sold, the markets I have broken into, or the commission I have made, but in the relationships I have formed with my clients. By remembering that what is in the home buyer/sellers best interest is also in the realtors best interest, I have been able to consistently exceed my clients expectations, as well as form many lasting friendships along the way.

Given the plethora of realtors saturating the market today, you must be asking yourself, “Why choose Dan?” The answer is simple: I put my clients needs before my own. I fight to make sure that sellers receive the best offers on their homes for sale and that buyers find and attain the home they have always wanted. My motto: A quite settlement is a successful one. No surprises, no headaches. Everyone goes home happy.

I have started this blog to share my real estate industry knowledge and insights with prospective home buyers/sellers, other real estate professionals, and current clients who are interested in learning more about this fast paced, ever changing industry. With 27 years of experience and numerous homes bought/sold under my belt, I hope that the information provided in the following posts is both helpful and interesting, and that you can ultimately come away with a better understanding and passion for real estate. Thanks for stopping by and please visit again soon.