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So – What Is Hail Damage To A Roof?

hail-damage-to-shingle-2This is a really good question and one that I never paid much attention to. I figured it would be pretty obvious and hard to miss.

I have seen hail damage done to cars and it was pretty obvious. I walked right up to the car and could see the dents that the hail made. When it comes to a roof, I thought it would be similar. The largish, crater like marks would be clearly visible from my driveway. Boy, was I wrong.

Several weeks ago I got a lesson on what hail damage to a roof is all about – specifically, my own. Arriving home at the end of the day I found Paula in the front yard talking with a guy in a blue polo shirt that worked for USA Home Construction. He was explaining that they were replacing the hail-damaged roof on our neighbor’s house. He felt that with our obvious proximity, we might have damage also. If so, we might be entitled to a new roof by our homeowners’ insurance.

This eventually led to an offer to do a free roof inspection. Were we interested? Sure, why not. After a thorough walk over the complete roof, Troy (the nice guy in the blue polo shirt) said that he felt there was enough damage to warrant replacing it. He believed our insurance company would feel the same way and they did.

In fairness, we had a bit of skepticism about what the process entailed. Would it really be as seamless as Troy said it would? It was. He was on hand to meet the insurance company adjuster, a new roof was approved, the contract was signed and we got in the queue. When our turn came, the crew showed up (as did Troy) at 8:00 and by 5:30 we had a new roof on the house. All the debris from the old roof was piled in their truck and the yard looked great. You could barely tell they had been there.

During our initial conversation with Troy, he mentioned that there were three recent hailstorms that really affected the Northern Virginia area. They were on May 2nd, June 16th and 21st. While Ashburn is not shown on maps, we were affected.

If you haven’t had your roof inspected this year, you may want to. Give Troy Penn a call (703-829-9712) and schedule a time to have him stop by. We are very satisfied with our new roof and it was a real pleasure working with him. He’s a true professional.