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How Well Do You Know Your Furnace Filter(s)?

Take this quiz and find out: The manufacturer recommends changing every 90 days or sooner. When was this last changed?

1. 60 days ago.
2. 90 days ago.
3. 91 days ago.
4. A really long time ago.
5. Anyone’s guess?

(See answer below)

This Filtrete “Healthy Living Advanced Allergen” filter, that is designed to remove; airborne dust, allergies, bacteria & virus, was found when doing a home inspection. Unfortunately for the sellers, they are sending the wrong message to the prospective buyers. They are in effect saying, “We really care about the quality of the air filters that we use ($15.88 at Walmart) but are too busy to change them when we should.” The bigger statement that they might be making is, what other things are they too busy to maintain?

My recommendation, when selling your house, is to always place a new one inside the furnace and two other new ones right next to it. The message you will be conveying is, “we care about our house.”

Answer to quiz: #4 or #5