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Improve… Or Move?

remodeling-coverSo how realistic are those HGTV shows like Love It Or List It? Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? What kind of work did everyone have to go through before the stars show up and start asking their “this or that” questions? I have always wondered about the pricing and how accurate it really is.

The other problem for me is that these shows are being filmed in Toronto and the surrounding Ontario area, or North Carolina. While there are certainly similarities with other areas, how does it relate to where I live in Northern Virginia? Would things play out the same way, or would it be different?

Fortunately, for everyone that lives in Northern Virginia, Northwood Construction has put out their updated, third edition of “Remodeling Costs in Northern Virginia? If you are remotely thinking about giving your house an update or remodeling, then this is a must read. It covers everything from kitchens, bathrooms, finishing basements and additions. They cover everything from basic, mid-level and high-end.

Like Bob Benedict, the owner of Northwood Construction, told me several years ago, if the contractor has done their job there should never be any “we just found something that is going to change everything” moments.

If you are on the fence about the moving part of the equation, then you should give me a call. I can provide you with a “no cost, no obligation” market analysis to see what we can sell your house for. We can also discuss what you must have in a new house and then create a search that will look for your dream house. With enough information you will be able to decide whether you should improve or move.

I can always be reached at 703.508.5762 or dan@danthiewes.com.