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Add Your Smile to This Collection in 2018

Are you thinking of buying a house in 2018? If so, let me help ensure that your smile is as big as all of these recent buyers when it comes time to get the keys.

Having a wonderful, happy settlement is all about taking care of the details at every single step along the way. It starts with understanding the loan process and getting pre-qualified. Once we have a budget to work with, it’s time to start the search and explore all your options. After identifying the perfect house for your needs, it’s a matter of generating the paperwork that will transfer the ownership to you at the settlement table.

During the contract period, we are going to verify that the home is all that we think it is by doing a home inspection. We will also review the home owners or condo association’s management paperwork to make sure everything is in order. Finally, we’ll make sure the appraisal confirms the contract sales price — this is very important! If all the boxes have been checked off, then it’s a matter of doing the day-of-settlement final walk-through and then head to settlement.

Once the last paper has been signed, it’s time to let the smile spread across your face and accept the key to your new home.

If this sounds good, reach out to me with a message/text or call and we will get the ball rolling.