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A Skink, I Think?

skink-blueA skink, I think? The lightly rustling leaves gave a feeling that it had to be caused by something small. It certainly wasn’t a chipmunk. Could it be a skink? I quickly scanned the moving leaf debris as it moved away from me. There it was. The red head that meant it was an adult. I quickly fumbled for my iphone and quietly moved in closer while hoping to take a picture of the little fella.  Two blurry pictures was the best I could do. Seems  they don’t like being looked at by big things like me.

The picture of the blue tail juvenile was taken several years ago while it was sunning itself on a retaining wall next to our front porch. It’s always fun to see the little creatures that share our yards with us.

Let’s see a show of hands. How many of you have seen a skink in your yard?