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It Doesn’t Feel Like Spring, But The Market Is Already Sizzling

On January 18th, I listed this house for sale. I “pushed the button” and it went live on the MLS at Noon. By 2 PM, the first two showings were already behind us, with two more later that afternoon. An agent showed the house the following afternoon and excitedly called afterwards saying “they really love the house.” She let it be known that a contract was incoming, and asked that I keep her informed of any other offers.

Not even an hour later, I got a call asking if the buyers could bring their 2nd-grade daughter to the house so she could see it. After a 30-minute visit, the agent called to say the house passed “the Allie test.”

And the next day, approximately 48 hours after going live, I had a great contract to purchase in my hands.

A week later, I had two very telling conversations – one with the home inspector and the other was with the appraiser. The home inspector said that they did three inspections the day before. For a home inspector, two inspections in a day is a full day. Three is a very full, long day. The appraiser said that their schedule had become very busy just the week before.

There was a second house in the same neighborhood as the first, and it too received a contract in just two days.

If you are thinking of buying or selling soon, “soon” may come quicker than you think.


Interested in Buying?
If you are interested in buying then you need to get in touch with a seasoned loan officer, preferably one that is local and comes highly recommended. You want all your “ducks in order” so that you can get a strong pre-qualification letter. It’s a must-have item when submitting your contract. You also want a seasoned agent that can help find that perfect home, and also write the kind of contract that stands above the others. Take a look at what other buyers are saying about Dan.

Thinking About Selling?
We should get together immediately. It’s critical that we walk the house together to see what should be done to put your home’s “best foot” forward. Do you need to thin out rooms, make repairs or put some shine and polish on certain areas? I know what buyers see as valuable, and the small details that make a difference. Let’s present your home together as a hands down, no contest winner. Check out what sellers are saying about Dan.

Let’s talk soon and see what your possibilities are for this spring.