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Just How Much Damage Can Vandals Do?

Vandals come in all forms, causing destruction in any way possible. But just how much damage can a vandal do – with a baseball bat?

Imagine being a contractor, doing $60,000 in renovations and upgrades to a client’s vacant investment property, only to open the door and find broken glass on the newly-refinished hardwood floors. That’s exactly what Rick faced when checking in on his freshly-updated, almost finished job in Sterling, Va. As he walked from room to room, the destruction only got worse.

If the property damage wasn’t bad enough, the owner’s insurance carrier told him that his policy didn’t cover vandalism. Can you imagine the sinking feeling, hearing those words? Insurance agents that I spoke with felt that the owner should have been covered.

The moral of the story? Talk to your insurance agent before your property becomes vacant – communication, as always, is key.

And the answer to my question? The vandal, or vandals, racked up $20,000 in damages to Rick’s vacant home. Yikes!